SARAH J. SIMMONS is a multifaceted freelance creative living in Nashville, TN.
She is the owner of the art based children's clothing brand, little saint southwest and runs saint southwest studio, a hybrid art and design studio, which focuses on the importance of collaborative art, story, and human connection. 

She has worked with clients such as Puma, Nike, REI, The Future of Storytelling, Google, and Red Bull to drive the aesthetics of multiple local and international campaigns. 

Harnessing her own experience as a business owner and her agency marketing experience for both large companies as well as small innovative start-ups like NEVER Coffee, she leads the charge to help brands get the visuals they need to communicate effectively and succeed.

specializing in understanding the ethos that is driving a project or a brand, she works with the client to create a visual identity that represents that ethos... it begins with understanding the client, the client's story, and how to turn that story into a work of art.
beautiful art. fun art. weird art. the right kind of art to tell the story.

Storytelling is at the heart of everything she makes... every line, every image, every scene, every logo. 

so If you have a story you need to tell...

get in contact.


what is saint southwest studio ?

saint southwest studio is a never ending making project. it is also a collaborative project. this is about making things together all the damn time.
need someone to work with on a fashion project, a print project, or environmental installation?  reach out